Reduce the risk of speeding and red-light camera fines
Our easy-to-install and affordably priced HUD Plus is a must have for any driver.
Helps avoid accidents, fines and points loss.

How is the HUD Plus beneficial?
There are many reasons why the HUD Plus would be beneficial and some include:
  • It reduces the risk of accidents as you don’t need to keep diverting your eyes from the road to continually check your speed.
  • It reduces the risk of speeding fines as you can clearly see what speed you are traveling at.
  • It reduces the risk of red light camera fines as the unit will alert you when approaching a fixed red light camera.
  • Its perfect for people who have changed their tyre size and aren’t exactly sure if their speedometer is correct.
  • It’s great for learner and P plate drivers as they are always trying to monitor their speed but shouldn’t be continually taking their eyes off the road to check.
  • It’s great for people that have trouble reading small numbers on the speedometer.
  • It’s great for classic or imported cars where the speed is displayed in miles per hour

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Kit includes:
1 x HUD
1 x Reflective Film
1 x Adjustable Mount
1 x Cigarette Lighter Adapter
1 x Alcohol Wipe
1 x Instructions

Additional reflective film, replacement adjustable mount or replacement cigarette lighter adaptors can be purchased on the Accessories page.
A hard-wire cable is available on the Accessories page should you prefer this to the cigarette lighter connection to power your new HUD Plus Head Up Display Unit.
plus postage and handling
REDUCE your risk of speeding fines and red light camera fines.
  • Speed projected onto windscreen in driver's line-of-sight
  • Overspeed alert
  • Easy installation - plugs into cigarette lighter or can be hardwired (optional extra)
  • Suits all vehicles - including trucks
  • Reduce your risk of accidents.
  • Speed camera and red light camera alerts
  • Time display on screen (can be turned off)
  • Automatic brightness adjustment

Our easy-to-install and affordably priced HUD PLUS is a must have for any driver. The HUD PLUS helps avoid accidents, fines and loss of points with the added inclusion of
Speed Camera and Red Light Camera Alerts.